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About Us

In March 2014 Chris Gilmore acquired the entire shareholding in Gardiner & Theobald SAS from the London partnership of Gardiner & Theobald LLP. This was a result of the decision by the parent company to transfer ownership of regional operations to the local management. The core business that remains today was set up by Chris in September 1989 and boasts 25 years continuous service to the European Real Estate market.


Why Immotep Consulting?


Imhotep was an Egyptian polymath (someone whose expertise spans a significant number of different subject areas, drawing on diverse bodies of knowledge to solve specific problems) who served under the Third Dynasty king Djoser. He is considered to be the earliest known Architect and Engineer in history and was responsible for constructing Djoser’s tomb in the Step Pyramid of the same name, made entirely out of stone which had never before been achieved.

We believe that Imhotep’s values and innovative approach to problem solving are as relevant today and are reflected in our dedication and pursuit of excellence in delivery and performance in the built environment.



Project & Cost Management

We provide a fully comprehensive professional project and cost management service to both occupiers and developers...

Investor Services and Valuations

We provide expert services to Investors, Banks, Funds and Asset Managers in Europe...

Fund Monitoring

Working for banks and funding institutions, we produce development appraisal reports and monthly progress reports...

Building Surveying and Technical Due Diligence

We carry out visual non-destructive inspections and reviews of data rooms highlighting risk and potential defects....

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