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    For thirteen years Chris Gilmore was Partner in charge of Gardiner & Theobald France, with an office in Paris and one in Nice. He was responsible for all stages of prospecting, winning and executing work throughout Europe. He took over management and ownership of the business in 2014 and renamed the company Immotep but continues to work closely with G&T. In 2015 Immotep established a strategic relationship with CBRE’s projects team, where Chris is now retained as an advisor, whilst maintaining autonomy and independence to work in his own right. Chris offers over 35 years’ experience in providing strategic project management, procurement and planning advice in an international and multi-cultural environment to investors and end users alike.

    Prior to his experience with G&T, Chris successfully established the European business of project managing company, PMI in 1989. The firm subsequently became a subsidiary first of Arlington then of British Aerospace, and Chris purchased the company in 1999 before joining G&T as the firm grew and he sought an international support framework for the business.

    Projects successfully completed include offices, banks, hotels, data facilities, warehouses, factories, housing, roads, power stations, railways and marine works; in fact, all types of construction projects ranging in size from €50,000 to €12 billion.

    Why IMMOTEP Consulting?

    Imhotep was an Egyptian polymath (someone whose expertise spans a significant number of different subject areas, drawing on diverse bodies of knowledge to solve specific problems) who served under the Third Dynasty King Djoser. He is considered to be the earliest known Architect and Engineer in history and was responsible for constructing Djoser’s tomb in the Step Pyramid of the same name, made entirely out of stone which had never before been achieved.   We believe that Imhotep’s values and innovative approach to problem solving are as relevant today and are reflected in our dedication and pursuit of excellence in delivery and performance in the built environment.

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